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Our goal is for your payroll to be simple, straightforward, and to always be available for questions.

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Best for Small and Medium Companies

We focus only on 50 or fewer employees businesses. We know all the issues you face and how to solve them. We helped thousands of companies like yours.

30 Years Of Experience

We’ve been doing payrolls for 30 years and probably know the answer to your question before you’ve even asked. Give us a try.

Truly Local

Unlike huge payroll companies, we are a private company based in Southern New Hampshire. With this, you’ll always feel personal support and in-depth local knowledge, serving you better, and not pretending to be an expert in every single state.

Guarantee Of Work

We stand by our work and will pay any payroll-related penalties if we make a mistake. You can sleep well, knowing that we guarantee our work.

Online Transparency

You’re in full control of payroll: enter hours, process the payroll, run reports, and more. Employees also have personal online access to their paystubs and W2’s.

Extremely Flexible Options

Direct Deposit, Print Your Own checks, Integrate with your Retirement Account, Pay As You Go Workers Comp. Either way, you can have it your way.

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